Monday, 27 March 2017

Songkran - What it really means to the Thai people.

Many of us  know "Songkran" as the famous Thai water festival where you find little young things walking around in the skimpiest bikinis you could imagine, wet and enjoying themselves.
(LOL.... i know the men are going HELL YEAH!!! right now!)

Jokes aside, this wonderfully auspicious celebration of wet homosapiens has a hidden meaning that most of us do not actually know.
What am I talking about? 

Well the word "Songkran" first of all does not in anyway signify the water festival we all know it to be. Songkran in it's purest of meanings, translates as an Astrological Passing thus signifying the transition of a New Beginning or plainly put "The Thai New Year".

Songkran is celebrated differently in different parts of Thailand. Some areas wear colourful clothing, some limit the amount of work done on the auspicious day and others resort to fireworks and gunfire as a way to repel demons and bad luck for the New Year.

Now does this paint a picture of Water Splashing, Drinking Parties and The Social Apocalypse we have all become accustomed to? It doesn't does it?

These "Festivities" act more as an Attraction rather than a Tradition. Why i say this is because, by Tradition the only water that is splashed is that of youngsters showing respect to their elders by pouring water into their palms as a sign of revenance.

For many years I too have viewed "Songkran" as a rave party of sorts. It is not until you truly understand a foreign culture, that you are able appreciate their beliefs and have the want to experience it in a more Traditional manner.

This year, I will be making the journey to Thailand to experience both sides of the "Songkran" festivities (If GOD permits). I am looking forward to experiencing first hand the traditional meaning of Songkran whilst enjoying the modern day water splashing in the streets.

On another note, i will also be planning a few short trips while I am there. The Emerald Pool is one such place. It's pristine beauty has amazed me for quite some time now, but i have never been able to visit it due to time constraints and / or bad weather. 

This time round, I'm making it a point to visit the Emerald Pool as well as numerous other places like the Giant Buddha's Statue at the top of the Hat Yai Municipal Park.

Stay tuned for my feature updates while I'm there from the 12th till the 16th of April.


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Friday, 24 March 2017

CLAPAM - De'Jumble Sale - Fund Raiser and Awareness Drive.


Golden Land Expo will be holding a De’ Jumble Sale charity event that will be held from the 27th of March  till the 2nd of April 2017, at Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Putra Mall (Next to PWTC).

It is a Charity Event that sells pre-loved goods such as clothes, accessories, bags and many more donated by artists. The procceds will then be donated to a charitable foundation, namely CLAPM (Cleft Lips And Palate Association of Malaysia)

Reusing pre-loved items is a form of recycling, and thus the idea of De’ Jumble Sale.

To make this event interesting and encouraging, we have invited artistes to attend the opening ceremony and give out their pre-loved goods for public selling.
The event is expected to raise a total of RM10,000 and all profits will be donated to the Cleft Lips And Palate Association Malaysia (CLAPAM) to help finances those in need of surgery.
We hope to promote public awareness and gain their support for this charity event.

Cleft Lips And Palate Association Malaysia (CLAPAM) is a non-profit, non-government organization support group. 
They provide various support services including counseling, information on feeding and care of cleft babies, and hospital/house visits. 

Together with the input from professional member’s of CLAPAM whom have access to reliable information on a wide variety of cleft related issues in addition to acting as a one stop center for cleft issues in Malaysia.

The artists that will be involved in the event are Amber Chia, Jason Phang (On FM), Amelia Lee, Joelin Wong, Nithyaa, Wai Fun (My FM), Thomas & Jack, Kit Mah, Zen, Mandy Chen, Wind Lee, Kiyo Kyo, Lex Pun, John Tan, Winnie Ho, Koujee, Byun and Crystal Ong. 

With support from the Artists in selling their fashionable pre-loved goods, every single cent you spend will be donated to CLAPAM.

For further information, contact 03-90577373, 012-9708229 or log on to

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

VeryFit 2.0 ID107 - A Cheaper Alternative For A Fitness Tracker?

Good Morning Folks.

So a couple of weeks ago i sought out and bought a fitness tracking watch. 
No! not Fitbit or Garmin because those are the creme' de la creme' of fitness trackers.
Instead, I opted to find a cheaper alternative with similar capabilities as a fitbit for instance.

Browsing through an online shopping website, i came across the Veryfit 2.0 - ID-107
It was quite decently priced and had just about every feature the competitor had. 
So i tell myself "why not right?"....  That was that and i ended up buying it.
The Veryfit Smartband comes in 5 color variants which are Blue, Black, Green, Purple & Orange.
Priced between RM 89 - RM 120 (depending on where you purchase it from and what offers are available).

Considering that I am not a hardcore fitness freak (anymore), i was looking to purchase something that was rather basic and streamlined whilst allowing me to check on my vitals and daily performance.
I received the my Veryfit 2.0 Smartband on Friday 10th March and have been wearing it since. Overall i am very pleased with the results and features.
It is advertised to have a battery life that can last between 7-15 days on a single charge. I personally have managed to get a total of 10 days on a single charge, with around 20% battery life remaining.

This piece of wearable technology not only allows you to track your steps, distance and calories burnt. It also allows you to monitor your heart rate, which to me is a feature that not many smart bands (at this price range) have to offer.

This is all thanks to a sensor that is located on the back of the watch face.

All that sounds cool right? but how exactly do you keep track of all this information you ask?

Well, thats simple..... The Veryfit 2.0 comes with its own mobile app which allows you to synchronize the data on the band directly to your smartphone (Android & iOS). Best part about this is you dont have to sync the band everyday as the band itself is able to store your daily performance data for a period of 7 days.

Aside from having all the general features of any other fitness tracker, the Veryfit 2.0 also comes with some other cool features like:

  • Call Alert - Vibrates when receiving a call.
  • SNS Alert - Notification Alerts for Apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram.
  • Camera Remote - Allows you to capture images by using the band as a remote.
  • Wrist Sense - Twisting your wrist automatically eluminates the screen.
  • Sedentary Alerts - Alerts you when you have remained in a single position for too long.
  • Clock / Alarm - Daily alarm.
  • Find My Phone - Vibrates when your phone is not in range.

My personal opinion of the Veryfit 2.0 is that it is definitely value for money (unless you have alot to spare). It comes with all the features of a fitness tracker and more. Multiple color options to choose from and a battery capacity that is small but lasts a fortnight.

P/S: I forgot to mention that it is marketed as "WATERPROOF" though i have not had the time to test it yet. - USE AT OWN RISK 


Here are my ratings for the Veryfit 2.0 Smartband

Price Range: 2/10 (10 Being most Expensive)
Build Quality: 8/10 
Battery Life: 9/10
Functionality: 8/10
Ease of Use: 10/10
Mobile App: 9/10

In all honesty, would i recommend this to anyone else?


Here are some places you can get the Veryfit 2.0 from:

Keep Fit, Keep Healthy, Keep Moving!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Rambang Mata Di JBR Bundle Hulu Langat!

Salam Sejahtera & Salam 1Malaysia.

Nak dijadikan cerita, semalam aku dengan kawan² aku plan nak gi makan dekat "D Palette Place" yang terletak kat Hulu Langat. Sebenarnya memang dah lama kawan² aku teringin nak pergi makan kat sana tapi selalu tak berkesempatan. 

Haaa, kali nie kitorang sempat lah gi makan ramai² kat situ. Makanan dia memang sedap dan harganya juga berpatutan. Kalau korang nak tau lebih detail, korang klik lah dekat D'Palette Place kat atas tu. Cik AJ ada cerita pengalaman dia makan kat situ dengan family.

Macam biasa lah, lepas habis makan kami duduk berborak sakan, maka terkeluar lah cerita pasal JBR Bundle ni. Sebab wife member teringat yang aku dengan cik AJ pernah cerita pasal bundle BESAR & MURAH nie...

Dia pun apa lagi, mengajak lah kitorang tawaf bundle tu. 

Masuk je dalam tu.... Perghhhhh... Dia punya dugaan.... Nasib baik lah dah tengah bulan nie, kalau tidak mau aku shopping sakan.
Terdapat bermacam pilihan barangan pre-loved dan vintage untuk semua peringkat umur. 
Dengan keluasan lebih kurang 1 padang bolasepak, aku rasa memang cukup selesa untuk korang berjalan dan "survey" barang.



Harga barang² dia pula sangat lah berpatutan dan bermula dari serendah RM 1. YA! BETUL! Serendah RM1.
Sekarang Percaya Tak? Hahaha...

Best kan? Tapi biasa lah, kalau barang harga RM 1 tu, korang kene lah pandai cari dan pilih yang elok.
Bukan tu je, ada jugak pakaian wanita yang ada "offer" katanye. Harga dari RM 5 dan beli 4 helai dapat percuma 1 atau pun mix & match 3 helai pada harga RM 10 je! Ko ghase.... memang berbaloi sangat lah kan?



Tunggu apa lagi? gaji dah dekat ni. Jom pakat pi serbu JBR Bundle ramai ramai.
Nah, last skali aku tinggalkan korang dengan view keseluruhan JBR Bundle.

JBR Bundle
Taman Kemacahaya, 43200 Cheras 9 Miles, Selangor, Malaysia
+60 13-629 5755
12 PM - 3AM Isnin - Sabtu
12PM - 12AM Ahad.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Muzik4Humanity Akan Menggegarkan Istana Budaya Malam Ini!

Salam Sejahtera & Salam 1Malaysia.

Semalam, aku dijemput untuk menyaksikan "rehearsal" Konsert Muzik 4 Humanity bersama beberapa rakan #kbba9.

Nyata aku sangat merindukan saat² bersama di atas pentas Istana Budaya satu ketika dulu. Masa tu, aku dikalangan kru safety & stunt bagi "Cuci The Musical".

Kini aku berada di sini lagi, bukan sebagai kru tetapi sebagai penonton. Memang teruja bila kau duduk beberapa kaki je daripada LAGENDA² industri muzik tanah air.

 Walaupun sekadar raptai dan "soundcheck" semata, namun persembahan mereka tetap mengujakan!

Kalau korang nak tau, tujuan Konsert Muzik4Humanity ni diadakan adalah untuk mengumpulkan dana bagi membantu misi kemanusiaan "Little Caliph di Kandahar, Afghanistan". 

Dana yang dikumpul dari hasil jualan tiket konsert ini sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu dari segi makanan & pembelajaran.

Usaha sama diantara Mercy dan bahagian tanggungjawab sosial korporat (CSR) DNex berjaya menyatukan 4 artist yang bileh dikategorukan sebagai Lagenda Dunia Muzik.

Nak tau siapa? Haaa... Dato Ramli Sarip, Dato Khatijah Ibrahim, Dato Hattan & Jaclyn Victor.

Untuk show malam ni, aku dengar masih ada kekosongan. Jadi pada korang yang ingin menghayati persembahan epik ini korang boleh lah ke Istana Budaya terus sebelum 8 malam ini.

Harga tiket berharga diantara Rm150 - RM450. Mahal? Tak kot... Sebab tujuan dia untuk membantu mereka yang memerlukan.

Jom... Jumpa disana!