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Rasa macam dah lama gila tak update blog nie.... Maklum lah masih newbie dalam dunia ber-blog ni kan. Asal timbul idea sikit, duduk depan pc.... mula taip... lepas tu.... TIBA TIBA..... terus otak jadi kosong....

Kalau ada antara pembaca blog nie yg tegar "stalk" blog aku yang tak seberapa nie, aku mintak maaf awal2 lah yer... Memang aku belum dapat rentaknye lagi.

Anyway........ Nak dijadikan cerita, aku ni takde lah berkerja dalam bidang yang begitu komplex. Kerja pun biasa2 aje... 
Tapi pengalaman dalam bidang yang aku ceburi ni dah menjangkau belasan tahun.

Jadi aku bukan lah orang yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai "apprentice" malah aku sendiri ada "apprentice" yang pernah duduk dibawah tunjuk ajar dan dorongan aku. 

Bila ada manusia2 yang baru "Setahun Jagung" nie cuba nak ajar aku balik macam mana nak laksanakan tugas aku, sumpah aku rasa macam #WTH!!!.... Padahal aku dah tolong selesaikan masalah yang ditumbulkan oleh pihak yg tak ada kene mengena dengan department aku.

Meluat tau tak? dah lah kita tolong, lepastu dia pulak meroyan macam kita yang tak buat kerja.
Dunia..... dunia.... sabar je lah dengan orang macam nie...
Nasib baik lah aku ni jenis penyabar dan bukan penyambar... hehehehe.... penyabar lah sangat kan???

But anyway, it's all in a day's work. So layankan je lah yer...

During the month of Ramadan,
There's usually only one resounding question on everyone's mind.

What is it?

"What to eat" "Where to eat" "What you wanna eat"

Aptly so, since the initial name selected for this wonderful establishment was actually "What U Wanna Eat"...

Situated in Section 31 of Shah Alam, this quaint establishment is dwarfed by the likes of "Gamuda's" Business Suites and also The Kota Permai Golf & Country Club. However, as the saying goes... "Looks can be deceiving".

The Chef Cafe is backed by years of experience in the Food & Beverage Industry and headed by a very skillful and versatile Head Chef.

So why eat here you ask?

For starters, their mouth watering pastries are a must! The best tasting "Red Velvet" cake i have tasted in ages!!! Plus their mini pastries literally melt in your mouth. FANTABULOUS!!!  i for one, could not ask for more.

What to expect for just 40 bucks?
You can and will be on the receiving end of around 60... YES... SIXTY varieties of cuisine, from Local to Western with the addition of a mouth watering, eye opening Mongolian Grill.

Sounds to good to be true?
Here are some of the dishes for you to feast your eyes on!


A real treat for the food connoisseur... The rich taste really teases your taste buds and fills u up with goodness.

Enough said, i can go on and on about what i think... But i humbly suggest you guys try it out for yourselves!

You may contact The Chef Cafe at:

The Chef Cafe
43 Persiaran Anggerik Vanilla,
Bussiness Park 1,
Seksyen 31, Kota Kemuning
(Opposite Gamuda Walk)

Facebook: The Chef Cafe Shah Alam 
Instagram: @thechef.shahalam
Phone: +60 5525 3787
Whatsapp: +60 17 499 1707 / +60 12 317 1707

Calling all ye food lovers out there...
GREAT NEWS!!! The Johor Food, Cultural & Craft Fest is here!

Held from the 18th till the 27th of May 
The Johor Food, Cultural & Craft Fest 2016 is the brain child of  both Citrawarna Malaysia & The Johor Tourism Board in collaboration with Seri Pacific Hotel.

Those of you whom have been craving to have really authentic Johore cuisine or havent had the chance to " Balik Kampung" in a long time. You should definitely use this opportunity to indulge in the wide selection of mouth watering classical dishes.

These wonderful culinary delicacies are not only unique to the state of Johore, but they are also prepared by chef's who take perfection to the next level. Among others, there are those who have served with the Johore Royal Family as well.

IMAGINE THAT!!! You can feel what it's like to dine "Like a King"... 

Mouth watering Beef Curry better known as
"Daging Tetel Masak Gulai + Daun Kesum"

Scrumptious Kuzi Chicken Rice

Tantalizing Black Ink Squid 
"Sotong Masak Hitam" 

Everybody's  FAVOURITE!!!
The Famous Johore Laksa.

Rich Creamy Goodness of
"Masak Lemak Sayur Rampai & Keledek"

Tangy & Pungent 
"Acar Rampai"

Yummy Gummy 
"Bubur Harisa"

"Beef Tembosa" & "Johore Bahulu Lapis"

Done feasting your eyes on these wonderful, classic delicacies?
Cant wait to fill your tummy's with goodness?

Well come on over to Seri Pacific Hotel, Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur.
You will also be entertained by numerous Cultural & Craft Shows throughout the Fest.

Remember its only from Today, 18th till the 27th of MAY. So Hurry...
 Make your reservations now!

Seri Pacific Hotel, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-40494351 / 4352

Today's ramble is going to be somewhat a #thorwback (Since it's an entry that is much delayed due to work constraints).

What am i going to "RAMBLE" on about? Well.....


As most people can tell, i'm not exactly a person that's hard to see.... Unless you have been diagnosed with chronic BLINDNESS!!!! (I am as big as life... or shall i say "Gravitation-ally Impaired" ) Why? Because i'm blindly and utterly in love with my "Solar Plexus" of course....

In a nut shell, what this translates to is I LOVE FOOD!!!

So............ I was asked to tag along for a food review the other day (Did anyone say food? :D :D ).... And so i did because le' belly told me to... HAHA...
We went to this quaint, tiny little establishment in Bangsar called "Pretz n' Beanz", situated on high street along with the other bar's, cafe's and eateries. This is one of the more layed back "comfort" food diners.

What do they serve you may ask? Well, the name say's it all.... Pretzels & Beans (Not kidney beans or lentiles) Beans as in Freshly Brewed Aromatic COFFEE Beans....

The ambiance of this place is really soothing and comfy. Not to mention the homely decor, red brick feature wall PLUS ++++++ the additional W.I.P. Trick-Art Wall on the opposite side.
Pssstt..... She's Korean by the way... :)

There's even a pin-up board for those who would like to show some love for the hard work and good food served here!!!

The food here is mouth watering to say the least... YES!!!! they do not serve only Pretzels.........

Enough of me... Lets DROOOLLL together....

Is this not the Hearty-est, Breakfast of Champion-ish dish EVERRR!!!!


Asta La' Pasta Bebehh.....

Had enough yet? 

No worries, because these are only a few of the mouth watering delights they have in store for their patrons... I haven't even started on their Deserts yet...

Who could stomach all this food you ask? Well................. ME!!!!

Layered to perfection i tell you!!! Simply Amazing!

Lovely rainbow layered cake with a tinge of orange zest in every bite!

The "Crème de la crème" for most dessert addicts like myself... 

Whats my Vote? HELL YEAHH!!! this is a must try eatery for food critics and enthusiasts alike....

As always, details on the whereabouts of the establishment and what they have on the menu are below:

Find them on: 

No.9 Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru,
56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : +603-22019026


Jean Gallyot Signing Off...

I know it's been quite some time since i have added any entries. So here goes...


I've been privileged enough to experience some truly life changing events. One of which was being able to assist a group of NGO's in their weekly exercise of feeding the homeless and underprivileged citizens of Kuala Lumpur.

Many of us have reached a point in our lives where we feel rather comfortable with our life, career and social surroundings.
Things that we often take for granted.

Ever wondered what it's like to live in poverty or even on the streets? With no one to care for us, no one to love us? Not having any social and moral support? Not being able to survive and make ends meat.

Let me tell you, it's not as easy and as care free as we think. Many a times we overlook things like this and assume that these "PEOPLE" that we see living under bridges, by the streets and sidewalks are all people whom have made the wrong decisions in life or got involved with the wrong kind of crowd.... CORRECT? (Believe you, me.... that 80% of us would have thought this about them at some point!).

For starters, you need to be present in person during these sessions to experience the true meaning of what it's actually like living in such conditions. I for one was taken a back by how humble and polite these people are.

Though i have done my part in the past, i was amazing to be able to lend a helping hand towards such a noble cause. Not just to a select few, but all of them within the area.


For those of you who always share posts of the less fortunate people in the hopes that some kind soul would come forth and help. Why don't you just join any of these NGO's and lend a hand. Honestly, i would make a world of difference and you would feel good within.

Im going to stop rambling now........
I'll leave you with some pictures to visually experience... ( none of the people as i would like their identity to remain confidential).

Words cannot express the overwhelming feeling you get when doing such deeds and paying it forward. I for one, am at a loss for words and all i dare say is, experience it for yourselves. You may not gain riches through these deeds but it will definitely gain you graces and calm, clear conscience afterwards.

With that said, lets all do our part shall we?

Feel free to hit me up if you would like to lend a helping hand and i will make the necessary arrangements with the  NGO.

Till next time... 

Jean Gallyot signing off.

Why oh why did i watch it?

Well firstly, i was among the privileged few who got a chance to watch BEFORE I WAKE a day before the official movie premier on the big screen.

Courtesy to the kind people at for providing us with the tickets.

BEFORE I WAKE tells the story of a young orphan boy (Cody - Played by Jacob Tremblay) with a very very VIVID imagination. So real in fact, that his dreams actually become reality. 


The same goes for his NIGHTMARES as well....

Here's where the story goes from colorful little butterflies filling the air, to darkness and torment brought forth by a character that his sub-conscious created called the CANKER MAN.

You might laugh at the name, knowing that most of us who have seen adds on Indonesian cigarette boxes referring to Cancer as "Kanker". However, as the story progresses i can certainly guarantee that you will be filled with intrigue. Some may even feel rather teary during some scenes as did i. 

I have been a little sensitive since the loss of my DAD about 15 months ago.

Anyway, back to the story ya? hehehe...

This Heart pounding Supernatural Horror Thriller, will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat.

All in all the story has a lot of instances that would make you think, assume and even plot ahead (in your head) not to mention the occasional heart stopping "supernatural" scenes.

That being said, i recommend this movie to those whom are intellectual and inquisitive and horror / thriller addicts.

So.... the answer to "Why oh why did i watch it" is?


Honorable mentions:

Cody (Mr. Dream  boy himself)
- Jacob Tremblay

Cody's Foster Mom (Main Heroin)

- Jessie (Kate Bosworth)

Cody's Foster Dad (Main Hero / Male Character)
- Mark (Thomas Jane)

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